Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Friends

I am working for LB today but not sure about tomorrow. We had party yesterday all from Prime services had come. Will tell later about the party, this post is to write abt my fellow tdp’s.

Sandeep or sandy- in college we were in the same class but we never got time to know each other. May be we were too busy in our own worlds. Now he’s my friend. sandy has opinion abt every thing and salla notices even the smallest of things u do. But he cool and good at heart. A PJ for him- now he’s working on LCAM if Japanese company buys us they’ll give him Digcam to work on…haha(I know only I laughed).
Next. Mr. Anant Kejriwal- was in college too, but we became frnds here. He could have won the most hardworking tdp award for working late till 8 every day. May be this is the reason why he’s enjoying the most now. We call him the ambassador of malad for his love for so called malad companies. He’s one of the most popular guy here. And yes he knows Struts…So if u have a company in malad with a vacancy for struts developer he’s the man for u.
Rohit- same college same class. He’s intelligent and a good athlete. One more thing he cannot tie a tie (I do it for him). Working hard this time I hope he learns to tie a tie before he gets into iim’s.
And few more people I met Pratik- the great programmer. Shekhar- the super cool guy always in his own world. Ankit- vesit topper I think all nerds should look at him and learn something. Nelville or Neville? chod call him colin- a movie buff, retard is his favorite word.

I might have missed some one in this list excuse me (su mi ma se n) for that as it is 1 o clock at midnight and am feeling sleepy.
So ppl bye for now…

Saturday, September 6, 2008

LB and Rock On!!!

It’s been a while since I last posted any thing. Perhaps from now on I’ll regularly post. Is anyone else reading this-- I doubt. I just completed two months in Lehman and I didn’t even realize. I didn’t expect getting acquainted to my work so fast. After spending engineering college years having fun I was expecting a uphill task ahead, but its been good…actually great. I coded jsp/servlets donno how but I learnt myself and did it. Shikhar(will tell u later about him) has been very helpful. But its incredible how i could do it…

Saw Rock On today. Really good movie, a must watch. I always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument but never got a chance to learn something other than my sea cadet bugle (am not sure whether I can call it a musical instrument). But as they say its never too late, am thinking of learning how to play a guitar. But how will I learn, will yoga guide me? I doubt he’ll have time and patience. Then…then…lets see first I have to buy one. Will tell you what happened to this thought later...Bye for now...