Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tarot reading at accenture's party

I had gone to accenture’s party today. The party looked more like a college fest than a corporate party. They had a jumping balloon (or what ever it is called) there, and unlike other places this guy let us go in. Must have got into one of those after some 7-8 years. Then I also got my sketch done and it was horrible.

Another interesting thing there was the tarot reader. Yeh for the first time tried something like that. Now this is what he told me:

1. You are lucky and get a lot of stuff by luck (wanted to tell him loser I work, have never even won a bingo game by luck)

2. You’ll have to struggle now to get work done (now he was making me think should I get up before he says more bad stuff but I stayed on as the next card was looking good atleast by the picture on it)

3. You’ll go onsite in next one year (now this I think accenture senior management must have told him to say this, so that the employees feel better)

4. Only after you get into a relationship you’ll do well financially (any girl listening out there, or am i supposed to look out for a rich girl).

That’s enough I thought, before he speaks more and makes me actually go back home and think about it i said thank you and left.

Waise bhi jab jab jo jo hone hai tab tab so so hota hai.