Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last month log

Last month was just incredible. Worked in shifts, did production release, went for trekking, attended year end party and saw all the movies released- de dana dhan, paa, 3 idiot, avatar and radio (wasting a lot of money)

It all started with radio and a stay over at kushals place. We had gone crazy that day to go watch himesh bhai. We realized the stay over idea was completely insane after having a bad hangover at work next day. What a bad day it was I had to work till 8 as I was in shift, damn I hate those shifts.

Returned back to office on saturday for a production release, was expecting it to end in 5 mins as just had to run 2 commands and send a 2 mails. But god had other plans, no thing worked that day. I was highly pissed off and only after 2 hrs finally got it to work and ran to catch a cab, as I was already late for thek. After taking a string of cab, rickshaw, bus and train reached neral, the start of our trekking destination. After starting the trek at 5 we just had an hour to reach the camp site as sun was setting but I was relaxed as we had a professional with us. But that feeling suddenly changed to worry after we got lost and couldn’t find our way. Then we camped at an unknown location at the bottom. First time I stayed in those tents it was an amazing experience, not that comforting though and first time held a snake in my hand (obviously it was a non poisonous one). Next morning started trek early and after walking between trees, climbing rocks, releasing four snakes and walking on the edge of the mountain (risking our precious lives) ended it all at 4 in the evening.

Then after a few days, we had out year end party at renaissance. Just like last year it was great fun. There were all kinds of drinks and music and I food too but I didn’t go there so cant tell more about that. I think we should have quarter end parties instead of year end parties to keep people motivated. Though month end would be a great idea too ;)...

Now looking forward to 31st making big plans for that, lets see if people agree and I’ll end my year on a high note(not literally).