Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bhajji cheering for Mumbai Indians

Mumbai indians are on a high after 3 straight wins and return of sachin. But they must be missing their star player Harbhajan on the feild. But now Mukesh Ambani has found a novel way to get the worth of money he paid to bhajji and keep him on the field.
Just check out the picture, who's just joined the Mumbai Indians cheer leading squad. And you thought Harbhajan is just attending trials in the slapgate row and resting at home?

Empty mind = Devils workshop

I have just finished my engineering exams. Now i dont know what to do...i have nothing to do...what should i do to spend time...even IPL starts at 8 in the evening... I am dying of doing nothing.
So I have decided to start doing keedas with pics of people. Hope you enjoy them. Even if you dont I dont care....