Sunday, August 30, 2009

No Smoking

Finally i say - "I quit". I'll sell ITC shares now ;)

Smoke free is the way to be, i say. Mind it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


My PC is dying, its asking for a makeover. With just 40GB harddisk and 512 RAM and CRT its difficult to play even FIFA 07, am just left with those stupid flash games from office. We should actually call them the bankruptcy games. Coz they were the best thing to kill time in office and keep the competition alive. The ride the beer truck competition...remember han?

Bankruptcy day TP se yaad aaya ‘Le’mera’. Lemera I don’t remember whose initiative it was but we all stretched the discussion too much that I was inspired(or may be I just didn’t have any thing better to do in life than) to make a website for that.

Check it out here:

Read every thing in there, don’t forget to chk out the logos and pics. If you like it write to me and if you dont like it still you can tell me. I hope it brings out the same nostalgic feeling of the 4th floor kensi sitting area and those hiring and brand building plan…and who can forget the masala dosa delivery.

Current thoughts going on in my mind…buy a new…buy a PS3 what else do u want in life…buy a MAC book…Sony PSP…Upgrade ur desktop…study… play…study…play…get TV...